New York Artist

Raised in Greenwich Village, Alice Kittredge was educated at Skidmore College and the Maryland School of Art where she studied Fine Art and went on to earn a Masters Degree.

She was fundamentally influenced by the Pop Art era she grew up in, while exposing the geometry of the objects she painted. Her colors and shapes burst off the canvas mesmerizing the viewer’s attention with their dynamic form.

Kittredge’s chosen medium was acrylic.

Tiffany de Lisio is a Vassar alum and David Clarke Law grad who enjoys exercising her lyrical tendencies with painted abstractions that often feature basic geometric juxtapositions or floral patternation. Her captivating works on paper involve a layered process beginning with an original rendering that is scanned and digitized for further development and then printed on thick archival paper which is where the fun kicks in. A 000 paintbrush is the instrument of choice for most of the detail whereby gouache is painstakingly applied in a smorgasbord of moving colors that result in unique and cheerful assemblages that keep the eye wandering and wondering whether or not some hidden form can be discerned. 

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